Company Profile

Our expertise, creativity, and modern technology allow us to turn your dream into a reality.
Lasers are the best way to excite and innovate.

Saar Laser Lighting and Fireworks is a company with 20 years of experience in laser shows. Saar Laser Lighting and Fireworks combined the two biggest Laser Companies in Israel to provide you with the best possible service.

Saar Laser Lighting and Fireworks was the first company in Israel to be awarded a laser safety certificate. The company has six employees (including an engineer, programmers, graphic artist, and electronic technicians).
Saar Laser Lighting and Fireworks is the official supplier to the Israel Ministry of Defense.

The company offers the following services:
Laser shows (includes ,research, script, programming and animation).
Producing laser shows for all events (private and commercial).
Lasers combined with scrollers, videos and pyrotechnics.
3D or kaleidoscopic laser shows using special glasses.
Sale and installation of fixed systems.
Fireworks of all types.
Giant balloon - can stand in water, in the air or on land!
We have the largest balloon - about ten metres high and thirty metres circumference.
The balloon is designed to be a screen for laser, video, or whatever you imagine...
We have safe modern air-cooled equipment.
Our lasers are of various powers and colors.(Green colors and multi-colored).
With our equipment we beam 3D images, animations, text, graphics and logos.
Multimedia – we can synchronize with video, film ighting, sound and other professional equipment.

Saar Laser Lighting and Fireworks design and program shows based on customer's requirements, and we invite you to a personal demonstration in our studio.